• World wide collaboration network

    provides aid in building up your business regardless of your line of field. Our personal contacts in economy and science branch open paths to new kind of projects and opportunities. We feel that the understanding of diverse cultures is vital for survival on the international markets, affecting both business and society. This is the reason why the right kind of contacts are essential.

  • In addition to international connections

    we can influence in your company's success on the domestic market. We'll help with corporation financing and business planning, finding the suitable financing partners - and much more.

  • KES Group was founded in 2007

    as KES Fenlan. During the early years of operation business was mainly focused on importing construction industry types consumer goods, as well as both private and public sector renovation. In 2010 we started to export the knowledge of Finnish construction to foreign markets, which resulted in co-operation expanding to e.g. former east block countries, such as Romania. When operation and provided services diversified in the direction of financing and other international business it was decided to reshape the organization structure - leading into KES Group during 2016.